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We exist to accelerate the path towards equality and to empower women to choose their own destiny and to live a stronger, bolder, more remarkable life - personally, professionally and financially.

We help you achieve your ever-growing potential by providing you with access to our resources, support, mentors, learning library and Remarkable community to enable you to realise your dreams - whether it be to become a CEO, start your own company, make more money or anything in between; we give you the confidence, skills and support to help you make it happen!

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“Whether you dream of starting a business, accelerating your career or dominating the boardroom, you need to be part of your tribe, the kind that holds you up, supports you and propels you forward…. not just for you, but for all women.”


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Shivani Gopal

Founder of The Remarkable Woman.

Shivani is our CEO and she’s been right there in your shoes. Her passion for empowering women comes from a personal place, crediting her financial independence as a life raft for being able to leave an early adult marriage. “Money is critical in life for the choices it affords you” says Shivani. It gave her a first hand understanding of the importance of personal, professional and financial independence for women - which she now fuels into the work she does at The Remarkable Woman every day.

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50 schools for 50/50 gender equality by 2050

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Farzana Khan
“You’re not just acknowledged and understood, you’re inspired every day!”
Farzana Khan
HR Manager

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