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10 ways to get more energy

Making progress in your career requires stamina and, right now, it seems many of us are running on low.

If you are struggling to maintain physical and mental energy, try these 10 tips.

  1. Check you’re getting enough protein. Studies have shown that women need an average of 60 grams a day. Eating some protein with every meal will not only boost energy but improve muscle and bone health. If you’re not getting enough, consider a protein powder in a smoothie.

  2. Make a conscious effort to let go of annoyances. It frees up energy. Spend five minutes at the end of the day imagining you are breathing out all that frustration. If you need inspo, try the app Insight Timer.

  3. Consider a multi-B vitamin. Essential to energy and health, B vitamins are easily depleted by stress and alcohol.

  4. Choose one affirmation for your day and repeat it when you feel stressed. Affirmations work because they refocus your mind on what you want, instead of all the things you don’t want.

  5. Marie Kondo your routine by getting rid of clothes you don’t love. Getting dressed for the day is much easier when your wardrobe only contains fashion that fits and makes you feel confident.

  6. Ditch toxic time-wasters. We guarantee you have at least one, negative, energy-sapping friend. Kindly let go.

  7. Diary exercise and relaxation time just as you would other appointments. Even a 20-minute power walk will ramp up metabolism and feel-good chemicals. Make time to read, listen to the music, or take a walk in Nature. Even if you are busy, these habits will help you generate extra energy for the tasks you need to complete.

  8. Maximise fresh vegetables and fruit and minimise packaged and processed foods including takeaway. Spending a Sunday afternoon preparing healthy meals for the week, and freezing them, can help if you are time-poor.

  9. Spend time around positive people or doing something you are truly passionate about. It’s like an energy transfusion.

  10. Say no to people or tasks you have no time or energy for. It sounds simple but it’s empowering, addictive and, yes, re-energising.

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