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A world leader declares 2022 the year we stamp out patriarchy

We don’t know what’s in the water in Bolivia, but we want Aussie politicians to drink some!

Speaking at the UN General Assembly, Bolivian President Luis Arce has declared 2022 The Year of the Cultural Revolution to Eliminate the Patriarchy.

He  told world leaders this decade should be used to transform structures of inequality and end violence against women and girls.

Arce made an impassioned speech linking the patriarchy to colonialism and capitalism.

“I would like to draw attention to something that alarms us at the global level – that is, the persistence of violence against women and girls, in particular Indigenous women and girls that find themselves in situations of poverty,” he said.

“The pandemic and the structural crisis of capitalism have deteriorated the living conditions of women…they continue to confront complex and intersectional forms of violence.”

We need more powerful leaders standing up and talking about stamping out a system that has discriminated against women and minorities for far too long.

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