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No body, no parole

Finally, NSW will catch up with other states and territories by strengthening its “no body no parole” law to make sure offenders who refuse to provide information to locate their victim’s remains will not be granted parole.

According to NSW Corrections Minister, Geoff Lee, the new laws apply to current and future inmates yet to be considered for parole. 

Dubbed “Lyn’s law”, the legislation has  gained traction after former Sydney teacher Chris Dawson was convicted of murdering his wife Lynette who disappeared from their Sydney home in 1982 and whose body has never been found.

Beverley McNally, a student at Chris Dawson’s school, ran a petition lobbying for the reform that gained more than 30,000 signatures.

“Being unable to locate a loved one’s body is extremely distressing and traumatic for the families and friends of victims and it denies a victim the dignity of being laid to rest appropriately.

“These laws are to stop inmates convicted of murder or homicide offences from getting parole unless they co-operate with police to end the torment of families and return to them the remains of their loved ones.”

Photo: The Guardian - Chris Dawson’s convicted for the murder of his wife, Lynette, 40.
Photo 2: Dean Lewis - NSW Premiere 'No body, no parole' presser. 

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