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Racism in politics

Work on a code of conduct for politicians and staff is underway with a parliamentary committee investigating what it should include.

But one thing it doesn’t mention  racism issues, says the Federal Minister for Early Childhood Education and Youth Anne Aly.

In a submission to the inquiry, she implored committee members to consider racial harassment in any code of conduct.

“I have witnessed instances of subtle racism and micro-aggressions towards people of colour in commonwealth parliamentary workplaces and have experienced them myself,” she wrote.

“No code of conduct that seeks to change workplace culture would be complete without acknowledging that these behaviours exist in our workplace.”

I agree with Aly that protection for minority groups is an essential part of a code of conduct.

Racism is still a major problem in our country and politicians need to lead the way in condemning it.

Photo 1: BBC - Pauline Hanson speaking on her 'It's ok to be white' motion.
Photo 2: The Guardian - Federal MP Anne Aly has said a code of conduct that seeks to change a culture must acknowledge racist behaviours exist in the workplace. Photograph by Mick Tsikas/AAP. 

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