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When the way you dress equals death

Iranian protesters have been killed and injured after taking to the streets to protest against the  death of a 22-year-old Kurdish woman after she was arrested and reportedly beaten by morality police in Tehran.

The circumstances of Mahsa Amini’s death are the subject of emotional debate but her family have denied official reports that she suffered from epilepsy.

Amini had been visiting Tehran with her brother when she was taken away by police for allegedly not complying with hijab regulations.

According to ABC News, Ms Amini, 22, fell into a coma while in detention, and later died in hospital.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has announced an investigation into the cause of her death. Authorities have denied harming her.

Footage on social media from the northern city of Tabriz showed a young man allegedly shot by security forces bleeding out in the street as protesters shouted for help.

Another video showed a policeman firing a shotgun at a demonstrator who was tearing down a pro-government billboard in North Khorasan province. It was unclear if he was wounded.

In another video, protesters could be seen torching a massive billboard showing Qassem Soleimani — Iran’s top general who was killed in a US air strike — in his hometown of Kerman.

ABC News said, the footage could not be independently verified.

Protesters have displayed posters reading “women, life, freedom”. Protests continue in Iran even today, and elderly women have been seen taking to the streets, removing their head coverings and calling for the end to brutality. 

Photo 1: ABC News - Mahsa Amini died in hospital on Friday after spending three days in a coma.
Photo 2: ABC News - People dies as protests over Mahsa Amini’s death escalate into the night. 

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