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Founders Weekly: Women seeking abortion abused, while most support reproductive rights

A new study suggests that 15% of women in the US are subjected to “reproduction coercion and abuse”.

Deciding to have an abortion is a major decision that most women don’t take lightly.

Now a new study suggests that 15% of them are subjected to “reproduction coercion and abuse”.

 An article published in the journal, Reproductive Health, says nearly one in seven women seeking pregnancy counselling after unplanned pregnancies were subjected to either “pregnancy preventing” or “pregnancy promoting” behaviour.

 Meanwhile research by Fair Agenda, an organisation that campaigns for gender equality, has found:

 + 72% of Australians agree that governments should make sure abortion care is accessible

+ 71% agree religious beliefs should not impact a person’s access to abortion care

+  70% agree nurses should be appropriately trained for the purposes of abortion care without risk of criminalisation

In a win for reproductive rights for all women, The New York Times has also reported that Kansas voters resoundingly decided against removing the right to abortion from the State Constitution.

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Women seeking abortion abused


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