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Discover your money story

I loved seeing members at our Financial Fitness webinar this week. Only by sharing information about money can women gain greater economic power.

Earning, spending and saving money is governed by our core beliefs. Often these are set in childhood – you may have taken on your parents’ attitudes towards finances.

I’m not saying that many people don’t struggle with having enough money; simply that changing some of our beliefs can help us manage what we do have.

And I think it’s fair to say that if we learn how to earn, and save more money, we will eventually be able to afford the life we want.

However, if we don’t examine our beliefs around money first, we will be on autopilot through life and maybe not making choices that will serve us the best.

So, sit down and have a think about these beliefs. Even better, write down your responses or feelings so you can really see what’s going on in your head about money.

- Do you believe money to be good or bad? Do you think it’s an evil necessity?

- Do you think money should be spent or saved?

- What would you consider a luxury purchase?

- Do you think money is hard to obtain or easy to obtain?

- Do you think money should be your responsibility, your partner’s responsibility or a joint responsibility?

Once you have considered your beliefs, you can set about changing them with both practical actions and affirmations. Checkout our money mindset worksheet in the Elladex app.

Meanwhile, I’ll be sharing how to improve your current money situation including savings and money management, next week.


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