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New Year, New Goals, Same You

Every January, a wave of motivation sweeps through, inspiring many of us to proclaim, "New Year, New Me." Yet, the unfortunate truth is that many New Year's resolutions tend to lose steam, primarily due to their unrealistic and unsustainable nature. The reality is, as the calendar turns to a new year, there isn’t a miraculous transformation awaiting oneself, as amazing as that would be.

It's an all too familiar story – the ambitious goals set in January start to wane by February, and by March, they're often forgotten altogether. Why? Unrealistic expectations, unattainable methods, and a lack of genuine connection to the 'why' behind the resolution.

Do we want big audacious goals? Absolutely! Can we achieve them? Most definitely! But achieving them takes more than just good intent.  Rather than aiming for a complete life overhaul, it's crucial to focus on specific areas of your life, finances or career and understand the driving force behind your desire for change.

The key to achieving any long-term goal is consistency, and consistency takes more than motivation alone; it takes discipline. Whether it's a finance or fitness goal, discipline persists long after motivation fades.

To help you stay on track, here are 3 areas you can focus on:

Bite sized resolutions: Yes, you should have huge goals but break them down into smaller milestones to hit throughout the year. This approach provides a clear path with actionable steps. This allows you to celebrate successes along the way as you tackle your larger aspirations.

Sustainable habits: Quick fixes rarely stand the test of time. Instead of adopting extreme measures like restrictive diets, intense workout routines or cutting all the ‘fun’ out of your social calendar to save money, focus on cultivating sustainable habits. Avoid setting yourself up for failure by making changes that are impossible to maintain.

Your 'why': Understanding the motivation behind your resolutions is the cornerstone of discipline and lasting change. We all know we should exercise more, eat healthier, spend less- but why? Rather than fixating on surface-level goals, delve into the deeper 'why' behind your goal. Attach emotions to each goal- why is this change so important to you? How will you feel when you achieve this?

Remember, the turning of the calendar doesn't magically alter who you are, but with the right action plan, the changes could be magical! Instead of chasing the elusive 'new you,' focus on aspects of your life that you can change in small, consistent steps. Celebrate little victories along the way, and let your 'why' keep you moving forward.

Here's to 2024 – new year, same you, but with an action plan to achieve your goals!

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