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Sex and money. One of the most important conversations you will ever have as a couple.

Of all the hot topics in a relationship, sex and money are definitely two that provoke the most emotional debate.

But, when it comes to money, having a conversation with your partner that doesn’t get heated is key.

Too often people in a romantic relationship don’t sit down and have a real talk about finances because they fear it will spoil the romance.

But nothing takes the excitement out of a relationship faster than a partner who never has money for bills, or holidays, because they spend their cash on an individual pursuit.

The earlier you start talking to your partner about finances, the better.

- If you are in a steady relationship, where it is necessary to share joint costs, you may decide to have a joint account together where you deposit an agreed amount each week. However, many couples these days prefer to keep a separate account as well, and this can ensure financial security and independence.  

- No matter whether you combine finances, or not, you should always keep your own emergency account. You really never know what can happen.

- A spender and saver need to agree about issues such as holidays, or even buying a house. Setting joint goals, and honouring the financial commitment to them, is a good test of commitment. 

- Spend time considering large joint purchases, such as a car, or a house, and what would happen if the relationship ends. Who would buy who out? What process would you go through to work out who owned what?

- The easiest way to discuss finances is to make it a date. Have some dinner and a conversation about who will pay for what, or how you will go forward in the relationship financially.

- If your partner refuses to talk about money, has serious outstanding debts, is always late paying bills or, worse, is always borrowing money from you, it’s time to reconsider how the relationship is working.

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You may also enjoy Scott Pape’s The Barefoot Investor, which gives detailed advice for couples who want to get ahead financially and, hopefully, without conflict.

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