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Swiftnomics: Applying Taylor Swift's influence to your career and finances


You don’t need to be a die-hard Swiftie to be aware of the phenomenon that is Taylor Swift. From dominating music charts, influencing worldwide economies, to now—boosting the US professional football league, the NFL.

After an illustrious 17-year career, the pop icon Taylor Swift embarked on her worldwide ‘Eras Tour.’ Concertgoers itching for a post-pandemic live music experience are spending up big, revitalising economies across the world. And the impact extends far beyond just ticket sales' net profits. Hotel, food, travel, plus outfits, costumes, and merchandise spending is boosting local economies by hundreds of millions of dollars with each show. Market research firm QuestionPro estimated that her tour could help add $5 billion to the worldwide economy.

But Taylor’s ability to influence is not limited to her chart-topping hits. From sparking conversations about artist rights and fair compensation, to her political stance, she has become a household name synonymous with innovation and influence in various spheres of pop culture.

To the music world, the power of Taylor Swift is nothing new, but in recent weeks, the sports world got a taste of just what the singer-songwriter and her fan base (the Swifties) can do. Her recent foray into the forefront of the NFL headlines further solidifies her reach and influence, demonstrating how her impact now stretches far beyond the realm of music.

Rumoured to be dating the NRL footballer Travis Kelce, Taylor attended one of his games. Thanks to her fan base, ‘the Swifties,’ this one appearance resulted in a significant surge in NRL popularity - shocking NRL and Swiftie fans alike.

The Taylor Swift NRL Effect:

*The game she attended was the most watched game that week, with nearly 25 million viewers.

*The game had a staggering 63% increase in female viewers aged 18 to 49.

*Travis Kelce’s jersey sales surged by 400%.

*Travis Kelce’s social media following increased by 400,000 followers.

*His podcast skyrocketed to the number-one spot on Apple’s charts.

*Google searches for the Chiefs, his NRL team, tripled.

*Ticket reselling platform StubHub noted a threefold increase in searches for Chiefs tickets.

*On a single day following the game, the Chiefs sold more tickets than they had on any other day since the start of the season.

So now we’re all up to date with how the pop star blew up the sporting arena after attending just one game, let’s see what we can learn.  Taking inspiration from the force that is Taylor Swift, there are several valuable principles that we can apply to our own lives. Are you ready to embrace your own Swiftie inspired smart money moves?! 

  1.   Know Your Worth:

Taylor is known for advocating for artists' rights and fair compensation in the music industry. Likewise, we should always be reviewing our salaries and benefits, and advocating for ourselves. Understanding, and articulating, your worth and negotiating effectively, can significantly impact your financial growth over time.

  1.   The Power of Collaboration:

Taylor often collaborates with other artists and supports new artist. In the workplace, seeking out mentorship, partnerships, and networking opportunities can significantly grow your career and self-confidence. Building a collaborative network fosters growth, empowerment, and representation.

  1.   Leveraging Your Brand:

Taylor’s success lies in her authentic, yet carefully crafted public image and brand. Similarly, in our careers and personal finance journeys, understanding and leveraging what makes us unique can make a significant impact. Embrace your strengths, interests, and values to shape your choices.

  1.   Diversify Your Income:

Not only has Taylor diversified her music style and audience, appealing to a broader demographic, she has also diversified her income streams- paid performances, royalties from owning her own music, merchandise, acting… the list goes on.  Similarly, diversifying your skills, investments, and income streams can mitigate risks and enhance financial stability.

  1.   Resilience and Perseverance:

Smooth sailing is a rarity, especially at the top! Taylor has encountered her fair share of challenges in the public eye, yet consistently showcased strength and tenacity. We too can cultivate resilience, bouncing back from setbacks and using them as learning experiences to propel forward. Remember, it’s either a blessing, or a lesson!

  1.   Social Impact:

Well known for her philanthropic efforts, Taylor uses her financial position and influence to drive positive change. We have the power to contribute to causes we believe in, align our financial resources with our values, and make a meaningful impact on society through both our careers and financial impact. 

While Taylor Swift's music may not resonate with everyone, her undeniable impact transcends the boundaries of the music world. These Swiftie-inspired principles offer valuable guidance, regardless of musical preferences, on how to navigate our careers and financial journeys successfully.

From negotiating your worth and embracing one's unique brand, to contributing to causes that matter—each principle is a stepping stone towards a fulfilling and prosperous future.  Incorporating the essence of Taylor Swift's influence into our lives, we can seize the opportunities to grow, make a difference, and ultimately compose our own chart-topping success story.

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