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Why we love the f*** you fund

Let’s be honest. Life doesn’t always go to plan, especially for women.

You take the great job and then discover your boss thinks sexual harassment is just a day at the office.

You move in with a potential life partner and find out that they have more issues than a United Nations agenda.

Or you realise you are totally burnt out by your work and family commitments and, although you don’t have any support, you need to press the stop button.

If any of those sounds familiar, you need a f*** you fund.

Simply put, it’s money that allows you to get out of a bad situation on your own terms.

Ideally it should be somewhere that’s easy to get at – in an everyday account not a long-term investment. For many, it's a smart idea to start an account at a separate unlinked bank, privacy is paramount. 



Tech has come a long way in the finance sector. It's actually never been easier to open a savings account, create a card and start spending, or stashing cash. Apps like 'Up' let you create and open new accounts in literally less than a minute, by validating your identity online. It's a great option, and you've got the security of the app being underwritten by Commbank. 

You should also aim to build a nice, tidy, lump sum based on what you think it will cost you to support yourself while you find another job, another house, or rebuild your energy and your confidence.

The benefits of having a f*** you fund is that it gives you power. Get smart. Get savvy. 

It is the ultimate emergency savings and a really good reason you should start stashing dollars away even in a tight financial market.

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