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Yes, you can save money

Having a safety net of money can mean the difference between panic and keeping calm and carrying on.  Here’s 5 ways to get more money in, and less money out.

  1. Understand the triggers that are contributing to your spending habits. Sometimes it is a desire to keep up with the Joneses (or the Kardashians), that sees us buying things we can’t afford and don’t really need.  Other common triggers for spending include boredom, or simply feeling cashed up on pay day. Be aware of the dopamine hit you get from buying things and imagine getting a dopamine hit from seeing your savings grow instead.
  2. Don’t fall back on your credit card if you can help it. Debit cards are a much better way to spend the money you have, not overspend with money you don’t have.
  3. Create one positive money habit. Overspending can give us a sense of shame but doing one simple thing that reinforces responsible spending such as buying certain products in bulk each week can give us momentum.
  4. Forgo one restaurant/cafe meal, or bottle of wine, every week and add it to your savings. It will be almost painless, but help build a peace of mind fund quickly.
  5. Automate your savings. Arrange for a set amount to leave your account on pay day and for it to go somewhere you can’t easily access it.


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