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Founders Weekly: Get control of your money in 45 minutes

Smart money moves right now

It seems every week there’s a new price shock. This week it was an email from my power company letting me know how much their bill was going up. I’m guessing the same has happened to you.

Add the hike to petrol and food price increases, and it’s definitely time to review spending, saving and investing.

Use our guide to  How to get control of your money in 45 minutes to audit your spending and optimise your money.

Other smart money moves right now:

+ Make sure your accountant offers you more than just tax compliance. While this forms an essential base, the best accountants can also offer advisory services that include reviewing loans and other costs, as well as investments.

+ Update your “me” file with recent career successes and positive feedback, including specific details that will assist your next case for a pay rise. If you missed our advice on how to ask for one,  here it is.

+ Review your health fund membership and phone/internet services to ensure you are getting the best deal.

+ Check you are actually using entertainment or health and fitness apps that you are paying for. If not, unsubscribe.

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